Nottingham's Winter Wonderland named the UK's 'most affordable' Christmas market

Magical scenes at Winter Wonderland in Nottingham Magical scenes at Winter Wonderland in Nottingham
Magical scenes at Winter Wonderland in Nottingham
Nottingham ranks best in the UK for festive fun on a budget

We love Nottingham's Winter Wonderland, in fact, we're obsessed with it. We love the ice rink, big wheel and how amazingly festive it makes us feel.

And now, there's even working in its favour as it has been announced as the UK's 'most affordable' Christmas market. The ranking comes just days after it was crowned one of the country's most popular AND most 'Insta-worthy' markets too.

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New research from money-saving experts Sambla has revealed the Christmas markets that won't "break the bank this winter", and Nottingham ranks in first place. 

The study sourced data on 56 markets, from Nottingham to Poznań, analysing the average cost of 3-star and 4-star hotels, the average daily food costs and the cost of taking a spin on the ice rink to see which European and UK destinations rank highest for their affordability. 

Topping the list for the UK’s most affordable Christmas markets are Nottingham, Glasgow and Birmingham. 

Winter Wonderland runs in the Old Market Square in Nottingham from 7th November with an array of stalls, an observation wheel and sky skate attracting hundreds of visitors to the city. 

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Achieving a score of 7.4/10, hotel prices can cost between £79.50 and £146, while taking a spin on the ice can cost up to £12.50.

UK's most affordable Christmas marketsUK's most affordable Christmas markets
UK's most affordable Christmas markets

UK's most expensive Christmas market

The UK’s most expensive market unsurprisingly is located in the capital with Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland receiving a score of 4.7/10 for its affordability. 

With accommodation costs reaching £311-400 for one night and daily food costs hitting £35, a visit to London’s famous market could eat up a lot of your winter budget. 

How do we compare to European Christmas markets?

With increasing demands and higher prices, the UK ranked poorly in comparison to many of its European counterparts. Ice skating in particular is a much more expensive activity here than abroad, with Manchester hosting the most expensive rink priced at £16.50. 

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The most affordable European markets are located in Poland and Croatia, ranking between 9.8/10 and 9.3/10. 

The Polish city Poznań topped the list, famed for its Old Town and Renaissance style buildings, eating out for a whole day could cost less than £10, while accommodation is priced between £66-£89 a night.

According to skyscanner, return flights to the UK start from £24 which is arguably cheaper than a train from London to Nottingham. 

Croatia’s capital ranks in third with a trip to see the Zagreb Advent setting you back from £107 to £132 a night, while ice skating costs less than £2. 

The title of the most expensive Christmas market goes to Paris with an average score of 4.4/10. Pricey hotels can cost out visitors to the “city of love”, costing on average £469 to £555 a night.