This Nottinghamshire rail bridge is the most bashed in the East Midlands

The railway bridge at Debdale Lane on the A6075 is the most struck in the East MidlandsThe railway bridge at Debdale Lane on the A6075 is the most struck in the East Midlands
The railway bridge at Debdale Lane on the A6075 is the most struck in the East Midlands
Each bridge collision is said to cost the UK taxpayer around £13,000

A rail bridge in Nottinghamshire has been named as the most hit in the region by transport operator East Midlands Railway (EMR). 

Drivers of buses, vans, and Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV) are being urged to know the height of their vehicle after the railway was affected by 54 bridge collision incidents in 2023. 

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EMR says rail bridge collisions are a significant issue across their network. 

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To increase vigilance in drivers, EMR has shared the top 10 most-hit bridges on its network.

At the top of the list is a bridge in Mansfield. It has been hit 40 times in the last 10 years, which is roughly once every 90 days.

Another Nottinghamshire location is Trowell, Stapleford Road (A6007) which was the fifth most hit in the region.

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Do you know the height of your HGV, bus or van?

EMR says research found 43 per cent of HGV drivers admit to not measuring their vehicle before heading out on the road.

Just over half (52 per cent) admit to not taking low bridges into account. 

What do bridge strikes cost?

Money and time is currently being wasted through bridge collisions.

On average, each strike reportedly costs the UK taxpayer around £13,000.

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In 2023, the top ten bridge strikes in EMR's region led to 3,325 minutes of delays alone.  

Principal causes of bridge strikes

  • Going off the line of route, including under diversion

  • Operating 'not in service' and taking a shortcut

  • Insufficient route knowledge returning a vehicle to the depot for maintenance

  • Those normally drive a single-deck vehicle taking a double-deck vehicle on a single-deck route

Michael Webb is Joint Head of Performance at East Midlands Railway.

He said: "Unfortunately, bridge strikes are a constant issue that affects our network each year. 

“Drivers and rail customers may experience frustration and delayed journeys.

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“But a bridge strike has the potential to cause a train derailment with catastrophic consequences, as well as loss of life or serious injury to the vehicle driver, passengers, and other people nearby.

"Those responsible for causing a bridge strike may be liable for costs associated with the incident, including the inspection and repair of the bridge and the cost of train delays, which can be considerable."

Top 10 bridge strike locations in 2023

The locations in bold are based in Nottinghamshire 

1. Mansfield - Debdale Lane (A6075) 

2. Kettering - Rothwell Road 

3. South Wingfield - Matlock Road (A615)

4. Syston - Fletton Bridge / High Street

5. Trowell - Stapleford Road (A6007)

6. Hinckley - Rugby Road (B4109)

7. Market Harborough - Scotland Road

8. Longton - Bridgewood Street

9. Sileby - King Street

10. Bull Bridge - Ambergate

To learn more about how to prevent bridge strikes, visit the UK Government website by clicking here.