LadBaby pulls out of race for Christmas number one - ending epic 5 year streak

Ladbaby won't be vying for Christmas number one this year Ladbaby won't be vying for Christmas number one this year
Ladbaby won't be vying for Christmas number one this year
Mark and Roxanne Hoyle has confirmed they won't be releasing a Christmas song in 2023

LadBaby has announced it will not be entering the race for Christmas number one this year. The Youtuber turned musician from Nottingham has confirmed he will not be releasing a Christmas song for 2023 - but hasn't ruled out a return in the future.

This spells the end of a five-year streak for LadBaby, who has held the title of Christmas number one since 2018.

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Mark Hoyle, who goes by the pseudonym Ladbaby had been expected to enter the race once again alongside wife Roxanne but the duo surprised fans by announcing they will not be releasing a track in 2023.

The social media stars had scored the Christmas Number One each year between 2018 and 2022. Mark and Roxanne had raised money for charities including the Trussell Trust with their parody songs and even teamed up with MoneySavingExpert Martin Lewis last year. LadBaby broke The Beatles' record of four consecutive festive chart-toppers after hitting number one for the fifth time in a row on December 23 last year. But a different act will claim the coveted Christmas Number One slot in 2023.

We built this city on sausage rolls

In a nearly 5-minute video on Facebook, LadBaby announced that after an "amazing five-year run" they will not be going for number one this Christmas.

The duo said: "Thank you for helping us put The Trussell Trust on the map and at the forefront of everyone's mind at Christmas a time which is about giving.

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"We never expected one... let alone five Christmas Number Ones. We started on this journey to make a song about sausage rolls that made people laugh but also did it for a good cause. We built this city on sausage rolls.

"Over that journey, we've seen how important a charity song can be.... the impact on charity is incredible. We want to pass the baton over and say 'if there is anyone who is backing a charity this Christmas with a song, go for it'.

"We want the whole charts this Christmas to be charity songs. That is what Christmas is about, raising money for something you care about and helping people in need."

But LadBaby left the door open to return in the future, telling fans: "I'm not retiring, this isn't me done for good, I'm just saying I'm out this year."

The Pogues have become the bookie's favourite to top the charts pre-Christmas this year after a health update was issued by Shane MacGown's wife.