Raleigh Chopper was introduced to the market in 1969Raleigh Chopper was introduced to the market in 1969
Raleigh Chopper was introduced to the market in 1969

9 nostalgic photos of Raleigh bikes made in Nottingham

Nottingham is home to some incredible brands but there are few that have stood the test of time quite like Raleigh.

Raleigh was founded in Nottingham by Sir Frank Bowden in 1887 after he discovered a love for cycling after experiencing its health benefits after struggling with bad health.

By the 1920s, Raleigh become a world leader in bicycles, capable of producing 100,000 cycles annually. The team also produced 250,000 hub gears, 15,000 motorcycles and 50,000 motorcycle gearboxes. Everything changed in the late sixties when the Raleigh Chopper was introduced - with children and adults alike desperate to own one of the stylish bikes.

The Chopper went on to sell an incredible 1.5 million units. The Raleigh Grifter was born in 1976 as a follow-up to the Chopper and the Burner series was released in the 1980s.

The ’80s saw the launch of the Burner series which sold over a million units across the range and became the must-have bike of the times. The iconic Raleigh Chopper was relaunched in 2004 an amazing 30 years since its original launch. In 2012 Raleigh was purchased by Netherlands-based bicycle company Accell Group but it remains in Nottingham.

Last year, the Raleigh Experience Centre was opened on Maid Marian Way in the centre of the city with a showcase of the best retro bikes.