RSPCA: seven cats and dogs available for adoption from the animal welfare charity’s Nottingham branch

RSPCA Nottingham are looking for pet lovers to give these cute animals a forever home

Animal sanctuaries have seen an increase in the number of owners struggling to care for their beloved pets amid the rising cost of living.

The RSPCA have responded to the crisis by creating a pet cost calculator to make it easier to budget for an animal before adoption. The animal welfare charity has also penned a guide explaining how pet insurance can help to save on costs in the long-term and have shared details for where to find a pet food bank.

Responsible animal lovers who’ve researched affordable food, care and how they will make their home suitable for their desired pet will be best suited to rehome the adorable animals listed on the website for RSPCA Radcliffe Animal Centre.

Here, we reveal seven cute cats and dogs that are waiting for adoption.

The adoption fee for dogs is £165, while cats are £100. The full process and application form is available to view on the RSPCA website.