Nottingham's PRYZM nightclub closed at the start of FebruaryNottingham's PRYZM nightclub closed at the start of February
Nottingham's PRYZM nightclub closed at the start of February

Sad photos show Nottingham's empty PRYZM nightclub two months after shock closure

The future of the building remains unclear

Today (Tuesday, April 2) marks two months since the closure of Nottingham’s iconic PRYZM nightclub was confirmed. 

At the start of February, the Lower Parliament Street club shut its doors after being at the centre of the city’s nightlife scene for eight years. 

Peter Marks, chairman of owners Rekom UK, said the firm had been "unable to reach an agreement" with its landlord.

Nottingham’s PRYZM was one of 16 Rekom-owned venues to close in February, resulting in the loss of 500 jobs. 

In an interview with the BBC later that month, Marks blamed cash-strapped students for Rekom’s recent nightclub closures. 

He said: “The cost of living is singularly the biggest issue that we face. 

“A lot of students who used to be paying, say, £800 a month for their accommodation, have been facing [higher rents of] £1,200 a month.

“Obviously people still like coming out, [but] if money is tight [they] are coming later, so they’re arriving in our doors later and they’re spending less.”

Two months after the closure of Nottingham’s PRYZM was confirmed, the future of the building remains uncertain. 

As April begins, the majority of the building’s doors remain covered by metal sheeting, with security signs warning members of the public to keep out. 

Fly posters remain attached to the building, advertising tickets to now-cancelled events inside the venue. 

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