Full list of budget cuts proposed by Nottingham City Council to plug £50m gap

You might have to start paying to use public toilets in the city
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Residents in Nottingham have until tomorrow (Tuesday, January 16) to have their say on dozens of proposed budget cuts for the city. 

Nottingham City Council is looking at ways to plug a £50 million gap in its budget for 2024/25, which it says will have “a major impact” on public services. 

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Last November the Labour-run council issued itself with a section 114 notice, meaning all spending, apart from on protecting vulnerable people and providing statutory services, will be suspended.

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A series of service closures and 554 full-time equivalent job cuts have been proposed in a bid to save millions of pounds.

All aspects of public spending are being scrutinised, from youth centres to libraries. 

The City Council has published a list of budget savings proposals ahead of the consultation period closing on January 16. 

These can be found in full below:

Full list of Nottingham City Council's proposed budget cuts 2024

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Improve recycling performance -  implementation of a side waste policy to regularise domestic waste tonnages collected and a programme of activity to support residents in presenting consistent materials for recycling thereby reducing contamination penalties 

Increased income from Woodthorpe Nursery - additional income generation through a fees and charges review and an increased number of community events taking place at the Woodthorpe Nursery and plant shop 

Introduce charges for garden waste collection - to continue to offer a kerbside collection for residents who wish to pay for the service. Free disposal will be available at the Household Waste Recycling Centre 

Review of Museums Service to identify alternative delivery model reducing reliance on council funding - the Museums Service is currently undergoing a Delivery Model Assessment (DMA) process to identify an alternative delivery model for these primarily discretionary services that minimises reliance upon contribution from the Council

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Remove council contribution to One Nottingham - increase third party income to maintain existing service provision and remove council contribution to One Nottingham 

Risk-based approach to environmental health work relating to Planning Applications - adopt a risk based approach to environmental health work relating to Planning Applications relating to high-risk cases 

Review of Library Service - undertake an assessment of the Library Service provision ‘whilst maintaining a comprehensive and efficient service’. Will require a further public consultation regarding a review of the Council’s Library Needs Assessment and ‘the Next Chapter’ Libraries Strategy 

Introduce baseline service level for mechanical road sweeping - establish city wide baseline level for mechanical sweeping of the highway and other maintained areas of once every 12 weeks 

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Green Spaces and Natural Environment Service Review - review of the Green Spaces and Natural Environment Service current operating model which includes a wide range of service reductions 

Reduction of contribution to Area Based Grant - reduction of contribution to voluntary and charity sector through area-based grants 

Reduction of Community Protection and Resident Development service areas - reduction of both the Community Protection and Resident Development services Requirement to deliver duties relating to environmental enforcement and antisocial behaviour will be met 

Review of Community Centres - review of the current operational model for Community Centres to seek to remove all Council contribution from their operation 

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Permanent closure of City Centre water features - to remove maintenance budgets for the water features at Old Market Square and Sneinton Square 

To cease to deliver an in-house pest control service - externally commission pest control work at Council assets and direct social housing tenants to external pest control providers

Cease contributions to the Cultural Sector - removal of contribution to the cultural sector

Ceasing of Ward Budgets - removal of locally distributed ward budgets

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Proposal to introduce a charge for the use of public toilets - introduction of charges for use of Greyhound Street public toilets 

Reduce public transport infrastructure - to reduce provision in the city only to provide accessible bus stops and remove funding to operate two bus-based park and ride sites and Victoria Bus Station 

Review Concessionary Fares - review of concessionary fares in conjunction with the wider region and emerging combined authority to ensure consistency of approach 

Reduce all linkbus services, remove Easylink and withdraw funding contribution to the Medilink service - tendered services reduced to a minimum level of service to residential areas which otherwise have no access to public transport networks. This would mean replacement of existing link bus network with minimum service level provided to residential areas, but no regular service to places of employment and education 

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Reduction in Not in Employment, Education or Training Prevention Budget - review and restructure the Not in Employment, Education or Training prevention services across the city

Nottingham City Council has listed many proposed cuts to help plug the £50m gap Nottingham City Council has listed many proposed cuts to help plug the £50m gap
Nottingham City Council has listed many proposed cuts to help plug the £50m gap

Restructure and reduce Adult Social Care Assessment function - restructure and reduce tiers of management and overall resource across the Adult Social Care Assessment function including Occupational Therapy and Sensory Teams 

Close Jackdawe in-house homecare and source from external market - close Jackdawe in-house homecare service and commission homecare packages from external care providers

Closure of Barkla Close and purchase of Residential Respite Care from the external market - closure of Barkla Close In-house Residential Respite care for adults with learning disabilities and to instead commission this respite care from the external market 

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Cease all grant funding of Lunch Clubs - cease grant funding for all lunch clubs recipients

Close The Oaks and Cherry Trees Residential Care Homes for Adults - close or sell the existing in-house residential homes as a business and provide care through external providers as required

Cease Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons Telephone Service - cease existing service and meet any assessed needs through the individuals' care package, where required

Reduce Youth Service - closure of the Ridge Adventure Playground and Bulwell Play and Youth Centre with increase targeting of youth services to those young people in most need 

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Close Colwick Park Activity Centre - close Colwick Park Activity Centre, which provides outdoor sport and learning opportunities for children and young people 

Proposal to cease Welfare Rights service - proposal to remove Council’s benefit and welfare advice offer except to Council tenants 

Digital-only Customer Services Hub offer - this proposal moves transactional contact with the Council to a digital only offer. Telephone contact would be automated and no face-to-face provision would remain at Loxley House. Support for residents with specific needs will remain through relevant service areas