The Ropewalk pub closed in 2020The Ropewalk pub closed in 2020
The Ropewalk pub closed in 2020

Photos show the sorry state of Nottingham's former Rope Walk pub that's been left to rot

The pub closed in 2020 and has remained boarded-up ever since

Pubs have always been a key part of British culture, particularly in places like Nottingham where the sense of community has always been stronger than perhaps larger cities across the country. 

But over the past couple of decades, pubs up and down the country have struggled to contend with rising bills and punters opting to save money by drinking at home. 

There are currently more than 200 pubs in Nottingham, but the sad reality is that hundreds more have closed their doors since the turn of the century. 

According to the British Beer and Pub Association, a staggering 500 pubs across the UK ceased trading in 2023, with more than 3,000 closures over the past six years. 

Inevitably, Nottingham is not immune from the UK’s pub crisis. 

The city has lost many much-loved pubs over the past few years, including one iconic watering hole in Derby Road. 

The Ropewalk, located near Canning Circus, was popular with the city’s student community until its closure in 2020. 

In its heyday, the pub would screen football matches, while also offering darts, pool and ping pong. 

The pub’s close proximity to Ilkeston Road made it a popular stop-off for students on their way into the city centre.

However, The Ropewalk closed during the pandemic and the building appears to have remained vacant ever since. 

When Nottingham World visited the former pub earlier this month, the exterior of the building suggested several years of neglect. 

Much of the cladding was covered by green dirt, while other sections had fallen away completely. 

The pub’s windows and entrances remain boarded-up, as they have been since early 2022. 

While it's not possible to rule out the possibility of the building serving a current residential purpose, its days as a thriving pub are long gone. 

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