Pitcher & Piano: I took my boyfriend for lunch inside a church and we had a heavenly time

Pitcher and Piano is a great spot for a date in Nottingham Pitcher and Piano is a great spot for a date in Nottingham
Pitcher and Piano is a great spot for a date in Nottingham
We liked the food but we LOVED the venue!

Cool lunch spots are two a penny in Nottingham, with the city rife with options of places to eat.

But if you’re looking for somewhere that offers, a fun atmosphere, cool vibes, and a religious eating experience, look no further than Pitcher & Piano.

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I usually try and avoid chains, especially on a date but when I heard about P&Ps standout Nottingham venue, I couldn’t help but drag the boyfriend along (it’s a hard life isn’t it?)

We went for lunch at Pitcher & Piano following a morning of exploring Nottingham’s top tourist sites including the National Justice Museum and Nottingham Contemporary.

Not one for walking far, I was especially enamoured by its prime location in the heart of Lace Market.

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From the outside, Pitcher & Piano looks like any other church towering over the city’s skyline.

Pitcher & Piano Nottingham Pitcher & Piano Nottingham
Pitcher & Piano Nottingham

It is decorated with a pretty flower arch and plenty of outside seating that come the summer will be buzzing with life, I am sure.

Inside, this impressive building blends religion and relaxation with bright stained glass windows and cocktails galore.

At midday, this place was already bustling with people from couples to hen parties, families, and mates.

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A cherry cocktail fit the vibe! A cherry cocktail fit the vibe!
A cherry cocktail fit the vibe!

After a quick scout about we headed upstairs to secure a table on the balcony overlooking the restaurant and bar (perfect for people watching).

It’s easy to order via a QR code on your table, so we quickly set about perusing the menu. We were feeling hungry so ordered what we like to call ‘lunch tapas’ i.e. a bit of everything.

For him a large Coke with minimal ice, for me a pretty cherry cocktail that matched my nails. It was tart and sweet in equal measure, and it wasn’t knock your socks off strong (probably for the best at just gone midday).

A table full of tastiness! A table full of tastiness!
A table full of tastiness!

For eating we ordered: buttermilk chicken tenders (with fries), a chicken, bacon and red onion flatbread, and some spicy beef tacos.

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The food, while I would argue slightly overpriced, was tasty, flavourful, and generously portioned.

It kept us full right through until dinner time (an epic three-course dinner in the Peak District) and we enjoyed the mix and match of dishes.

I especially enjoyed the flatbread, which we both agreed was the star of the show. This makes for an interesting alternative to a sandwich or typical toastie, and is a great lunchtime option.

The chicken tenders were packed with flavour with or without the dipping sauces, although I am a huge fan of a garlic aioli.

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And the tacos were very yummy and just the right side of spicy. As my friends and I say they are “ definitely not date food” - unless your beau is into watching meat drip down your chin...

But if I’m being frank the best thing about Pitcher & Piano is the location. This venue is astounding, visually a treat but also a novelty to dine inside a church.

Confessional turned photo boothConfessional turned photo booth
Confessional turned photo booth

And you pay for that novelty. I enjoyed the subtle nods throughout including a ‘confessional’ photo booth.

I did think the menu was missing a trick though - why wasn’t there a Bloody Virgin Mary or a Bloody Mary Magdalene?

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The boyfriend and I agreed this was an excellent date spot and said we would return for an evening of cocktails under the stained glass.

Super cool stained glass Super cool stained glass
Super cool stained glass

Its convenient location and proximity to some of the city’s other great bars make this an ideal spot for a night out and I very much look forward to my return.

As far as chains go, this one has a very bespoke feel, thanks to that heavenly venue.