12 of the best days out near Nottingham from Wollaton Hall to the Peak District

The Peak District is a great place for a day out near Nottingham The Peak District is a great place for a day out near Nottingham
The Peak District is a great place for a day out near Nottingham
From brisk walks around the Peaks to days out in Derby, here's our pick of things to do near Nottingham

Nottingham is a vibrant city with lots of things to do from the castle to the caves.

But sometimes the urge strikes to escape the city - and luckily for us, there are many lovely places to visit nearby.

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Whether you're interested in history, nature, or culture, you'll find plenty of options to explore in the surrounding region.

We've come up with a nifty guide for things to do near Nottingham. From walks around Sherwood Forest or the picturesque peaks to other cities to explore nearby.

1. Sherwood Forest

Known for its legendary association with Robin Hood, Sherwood Forest is a beautiful and historic woodland area. You can explore the famous Major Oak and enjoy scenic walks.

2. Wollaton Hall and Deer Park

This stunning Elizabethan mansion is set within a large deer park. It houses the Nottingham Natural History Museum and offers beautiful gardens to explore.

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3. Newstead Abbey

The former home of Lord Byron, Newstead Abbey is a grand historic house with beautiful gardens, lakes, and woodlands to explore.

4. Nottinghamshire's Gardens

There are many lovely gardens in the area, including Rufford Abbey Country Park, Clumber Park, and the University of Nottingham's Jubilee Campus Gardens, which are all worth a visit.

5. Derby

Just a short train or car ride from Nottingham, Derby offers attractions like the Derby Museum and Art Gallery, Derby Cathedral, and the scenic Darley Park.

6. The Peak District

A bit further afield, the Peak District National Park offers stunning landscapes, great hiking opportunities, and picturesque villages. You can visit places like Matlock, Bakewell, or explore the park's trails and caverns.

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7. Chatsworth House

Located in the heart of the Peak District, Chatsworth House is a magnificent stately home surrounded by beautiful gardens and a vast estate.

8. Southwell

A charming small town with a stunning Minster, a historic Archbishop's Palace, and a lovely market square.

9. Attenborough Nature Reserve

Just a short drive from Nottingham, this nature reserve is a haven for birdwatching and wildlife enthusiasts, with walking trails and serene lakes.

10. Creswell Crags

This limestone gorge is famous for its Ice Age cave art and archaeological discoveries. You can explore the caves and learn about prehistoric life in the visitor centre.

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11. Lincoln

A bit farther away, the city of Lincoln boasts a stunning cathedral, historic castle, and a picturesque old town with cobbled streets.

Known for its pork pies and Stilton cheese, this market town is a food lover's paradise. Don't forget to try the local specialties.

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